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Partnership Project Erasmus+: EDUCATION - THE CHALLENGE OF THE LATER YEARS - "Life and Learn"

 number: 2014-1-PL01-KA204-003408


The aim of the project " Education - The challenge of the later years - Live and Learn" is to improve the education of the " third and fourth age people." It will consequently reduce the marginalization of the elderly. The duration of the project is 2 years. Flexible partnership will be characterised by a flexible work system with partners The project proposal is based on the permanent analysis, existing knowledge, know- how and practice. The target group consists of elderly people who need wider range of educational activities. It is necessary to create training materials for educators in the areas of leisure, hobbies, health, talent development and transmission of values. Elderly people meet a number of barriers making their come back to learning difficult.












The barriers may be:


  • perceiving oneself as too old
  • fragile health,
  • commuting difficulties
  • lack of companion,
  • too little information.


Until the middle of the 20th century, psychological research on the education of older people was dominated by the deficit model . This model describes the process of aging by means of reduced cognitive and intellectual abilities . Currently the attentions is rather put on the resources available for older people.


The project responds to the needs of:


  • Education based on realistic problems
  • seeking and finding solutions to problems.
  • Support in dealing with critical moments in adults’ lives
  • immersion in the professional development and growth,
  • Acquiring new knowledge and skills,
  • Overcoming anxiety, fear and shyness in some cases
  • Inspiring, encouraging and motivating


The participants of the project are teachers , coaches and workers for partner organizations..The main objective of the project is to improve learning opportunities for older people in partner countries.

The specific objectives of the project are:


  • To increase the education of the third and fourth age people
  • To improve the social acceptance for the period of old age as a stage of life.
  • To Develop cooperation between institutions and to gain greater potency .


The objectives of the project have been identified and can be reached on the nature and experience of partnership. The partnership project group welcome new participant organization to work group in realistic and provides a solution to the problems relevant to the participating organizations and the target group.


Files to download:


Analiza potrzeb PL

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  13. Challenges 5 PL


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